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    Dec 03, 2023  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

High School College Preparatory Program


Normal Course Load Scholastic Tests
Overloads Concurrent Enrollment
Distance Learning/Summer School High School Scholars & Dual Graduate Programs
Transfer Credit Graduation Requirements
Residence/Course Completion Requirements  

High School Admission

New cadets are admitted only at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters.

Accepted applicants are placed in classes at New Mexico Military Institute in accordance with the number of credits earned at the time of initial enrollment. Progress through the curricular requirements is performance rather than time based. Curricular requirements will not be waived.

Normal Course Load

The normal academic load for all high school freshmen and first semester high school sophomores shall be four solids plus leadership education (JROTC) and physical education (P.E.). The academic portion of the admission’s matrix will be used to determine if a cadet shall be initially placed in academic assistance.

For all other high school cadets, the normal academic load is five academic solids plus leadership education (JROTC) and physical education (P.E.) every semester (3.25 credits). JROTC and .25 credit courses are not considered solids. The minimum academic load is four academic solids plus JROTC and P.E.  (2.75 credits) with written permission from parents as the cadet is no longer eligible for Superintendent’s or Deans’ List.

The length of time it will take an entering cadet to satisfy the requirements of the high school diploma will depend on the number of acceptable units submitted on entrance. An entering Fifth Classman (sophomore) will have three years to accumulate the required units, whereas an entering Third Classman (senior) may find that completion will take longer than a year’s time. This fact must be recognized by all those admitted who expect to earn a high school diploma.


Cadets with a 3.0 GPA or above from the previous grading period may take more than five solids with the recommendation of their academic advisor. The Vice Dean/High School Principal must authorize more than five solids for high school cadets. Overloads are not recommended for a cadet with a GPA of less than 3.0 from the previous semester’s grading period. Upon the cadet’s request and with the recommendation of the academic advisor, an overload may be authorized if the cadet’s schedule (academic, athletic, extra-curricular) suggests that there is reasonable probability the cadet can successfully handle the overload.

High School Distance Learning/Summer School Standards

Distance learning courses (correspondence and on-line) and summer school courses must meet the following criteria:

  • All courses must be approved by the Vice Dean/High School Principal and validated by the cadet and the advisor as fitting in the cadet’s graduation plan. This will allow a cadet to take advanced courses to graduate early or make up failures.
  • While enrolled, a cadet must take the NMMI core course requirements for graduation. A cadet may repeat an NMMI course to improve their grade with the exception of NMMI capstone courses (currently English 4A/4B). This may not take place during the academic year with the exception of the last semester of the graduation year.
  • Cadet must take the course at NMMI if offered except for when a course cannot be scheduled due to a conflict. On-line courses must have a mandatory valid login/contact with proctored final exams.
  • Correspondence/on-line courses may not be taken during the academic semester that a cadet is enrolled in or has withdrawn from a parallel NMMI course.
  • Private tutoring or home schooling must be from a recognized accredited source.
  • The number of transfer courses from distance learning/summer school cannot exceed two (2) credits/4 courses earned while enrolled at NMMI.
  • A maximum of one 1.0 credit earned after leaving the Institute in good standing may be submitted to fulfill graduation requirements. The appropriate academic division head and the Academic Dean must approve post-NMMI courses to meet graduation requirements. 

Transfer of High School Credits

High school cadets may transfer credits at the time of admission from accredited programs provided that a passing grade was attained in each course transferred. Credits shall be transferable with no loss of value between schools. A grade of “TR” for satisfactorily completed classes will be recorded for credits awarded by non-accredited educational entities. All high school graduates must complete high school graduation requirements prescribed by NMMI.  Course descriptions may be required for transfer of courses to meet NMMI requirements for graduation.

Home-school cadets transferring to the Institute from a program accredited by a national/regional recognized accrediting agency will have credits accepted as transfer credit (letter grade) with no loss of credit/value. Lab science credits will be validated to ensure those courses were taken in a lab format.

Cadets entering from non-accredited programs will have all coursework validated by the appropriate department for credit. Courses not validated will not earn credit. Math credits will be awarded by course syllabus or by passing, with a minimum score of 70, the Math Placement Exam for the equivalent course.

Cadets from non-accredited schools or schools where the coursework is not in an English environment must pass one semester of a higher level of English at NMMI to receive prior English credit.  For example: a cadet entering as a high school junior must complete one semester of a senior (higher level) English at NMMI to receive credit for previous courses.

High School Residence/Course Completion Requirements

A minimum of four credits earned at NMMI and two semesters in residence are required for an entering third classmen to graduate from NMMI. Successful completion of NMMI’s capstone courses English 4A & 4B and a minimum of one year of NMMI mathematics at the Algebra 2 level or above are required for high school graduation.

Scholastic Tests

All high school cadets are required to take the American College Testing examination (ACT) as a graduation requirement.  A cadet whose intention is to transfer to a college or university whose admission requirement is the SAT, may request to substitute the ACT exam with the SAT.  The request must be approved by the Vice Dean/High School Principal.  A cadet who is not a citizen of the United States and whose primary language is not English, may elect to substitute the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) for the ACT.  The ACT Aspire test is administered in the freshman and sophomore year and the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) in the fall semester of the junior year. 

Concurrent Enrollment  

A high school cadet may be permitted to take college courses concurrently with high school courses with permission of the appropriate Associate Dean and the Vice Dean/High School Principal.

A cadet, concurrent enrolled, will be enrolled in a college course and the high school equivalent of the college course (HIST 1110 and HIST 1110H). The cadet will have an official college transcript separate from the high school transcript. The college transcript will contain only college semester hours and grades. The high school transcript will indicate .50 credit for a 3.00 or more semester hour course and .25 credit for a 1.00 course.  The semester and cumulative Grade Point Average for both high school and college will be affected by the grade earned.

A cadet may satisfy the requirement for the high school diploma while enrolled in college subjects through concurrent enrollment.

Due to NMMI’s low class sizes, there may be times when a high school cadet previously approved for a college class may be removed, in favor of a college cadet.

High School Scholars & Dual Graduate Programs

For information on these programs, see the NMMI Academic Excellence section (Programs -> NMMI Academic Excellence).

High School Graduation Requirements

The NMMI high school curriculum is a college preparatory curriculum. Twenty-three (23) credits are required for graduation. NMMI graduates must successfully pass NMMI English courses 4A and 4B, and a minimum of one year of NMMI mathematics at the Algebra 2 level or above. All students must take a math placement exam to be placed into a course in our Algebra sequence and must complete the NMMI math sequence through Algebra 2B regardless of transfer credit.

Taking either the American College Test (ACT) or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a requirement for the high school diploma.  A cadet who is not a citizen of the United States and whose primary language is not English may elect to substitute the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) for the ACT/SAT with the approval of the Vice Dean. Click on link below to review course subject requirements: