Aug 10, 2022  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Catalog Changes Page

The following are changes as of the date indicated. Changes are approved through the Curriculum and Standards committee, Faculty Senate, Dean and Superintendent. When necessary, some changes are approved by NMMI Board of Regents.

New high school courses introduced in 2022-23:

POR 011 Portuguese 1A
POR 012 Portuguese 1B
ELC 012 Advanced English Enrichment
ELC 022 Advanced English Language and American Culture

New college courses introduced in 2022-23:

SPMD 1350 Social Foundations of Physical Activity
SPMD 2250 Fitness for Health and Sport
COMM 2170 Intercultural Communications
ENGL 2315 Advanced Creative Writing
SPAN 2515 Contemporary Latino Film
COMM 1115 Introduction to Communication
  Electric Circuits

Other Changes in 2022-23:

New Pre-Kinesiology concentration

Changes to high school modern language requirements

Comparative Politics (POLS 2110) - Will now be counted towards HS government graduation requirement

High school concert band and vocal ensemble (MUS ###B/MUS ###V) - Will now be counted as high school solid (0.50) courses

American Military History (HIST 2145) - Will now be counted towards second A.S. humanities requirement

Performance Psychology - Course code change from PSYC 2313 to PSYC 2335

ELC 001 (English Enrichment) course code change to ELC 011 to allow for full-year course sequence

ELC 002 (English Language and Culture) course code change to ELC 021 to allow for full-year course sequence

Dean’s and Superintendent’s List - High School - HS seniors may now qualfy with four solids, if they enter the term with cumulative GPA at or above 3.00