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    May 29, 2024  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Financial Information

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The NMMI Business Office has a website which covers additional information on NMMI cadets. Actual charge information, financial advisor listings, infirmary and on-line payment information are key links found at Use your back button to return here.

  • Tuition and Fees
    • Tuition, fixed fees, uniform fees, room, board, laptop rental, tuition refund insurance and other fees as listed on the applicable cost sheet, which can be found at, are charged each semester. Fall payment in full or enrollment in payment plan deadline is before matriculation day. Spring payment in full or enrollment in payment plan deadline is before matriculation day.
      • Other charges to a cadet’s account may include the following:
        • Matriculation fee
        • Recruit in Training fee
        • International fee
        • Lab fees
        • Barracks breakage
        • Military property shortage
        • Infirmary prescription charges
        • Library losses and fines
        • State textbook losses
      • Those cadets fully funded for the semester by federal funds or athletic scholarships, may charge books and related school supplies through the third Friday of classes.  Charges in excess of funding will not be allowed
      • A monthly statement itemizing all charges will be forwarded to the responsible party around the 25th of the following month.
      • Cadets requiring personal items, school supplies or replacement uniform items may purchase these at the campus cadet store.  The cadet store accepts debit and credit cards as well as the Bronco BuX card.  More information on the Bronco BuX prepaid spending plan can be found at  Other alternatives include credit/debit cards, local bank accounts, or maintaining home town bank accounts.
  • Deferred Payment Plan - There is a third party payment plan available for paying tuition and fees by credit/debit card or automatic bank payment (ACH). A fee is charged for this service, which is found at Under this plan, a down payment is required at the time of enrollment followed by equal monthly payments. If a deferred payment plan is established, but is not adhered to, the cadet is subject to dis-enrollment from school for non-payment.
  • Credit Cards - The Business Office, Cadet Store, and Golf Shop will accept VISA/MC, American Express and Discover cards. The credit cards will be accepted for total or partial payment of Tuition and Fees and payments can also be made on-line by going to The Cadet Store and Golf Shop will accept the cards for purchases. Cash advances are not available. Wire transfers may also be used and wire transfer information is available through the Business Office.
  • Financial Responsibility - At the end of any semester, any cadet whose accounts have not been paid in full will not be eligible to re-enroll for the subsequent semester. NMMI reserves the right to dis-enroll or cancel the registration of any cadet who fails to pay, when due any indebtedness. Academic credits, transcripts, and diplomas will be withheld until all financial obligations are met. Classes cannot be scheduled for future semesters either.
  • Scholarship Policy
    • All current cadets and accepted applicants will automatically receive scholarship consideration.
    • Institutional scholarships will be credited to the recipient’s tuition account on Friday of the third week of classes. Cadets who have withdrawn from NMMI for any reason prior to Friday of the third week of classes will not receive scholarship funds. If a cadet withdraws from school for any reason during the first semester, the cadet may not be entitled to the scholarship if the cadet is re-enrolled during the same academic year.
    • ROTC scholarships are administered under policies provided by the US Army and issued directly to recipients’ when awarded. Students anticipating these funds must have already paid in full or enrolled in a payment plan to cover semester financial obligations.
  • Refund Policy
    • Should a cadet withdraw or be dismissed, the semester tuition and fixed fee charges (other than matriculation, enrollment, blue book and fees imposed as a penalty) will be refunded as follows:
      • First five class days - 100%
      • Next five class days - 75%
      • Next ten class days - 50%
      • Next ten class days - 25%
    • There will be no refund for certain fees charged to the cadet.  Please refer to the Business Office Policies for these non-refundable fees at No refund will be made for uniform items which have been altered, laundry marked or worn. 

Please allow four to six weeks to process your account.


New Mexico Residency Requirements

Enrollment at NMMI is in itself not sufficient to change residency, and NMMI will classify a cadet based on their residency at the time of admission. Per state law, any action which will bring into question residency must be resolved. Legal residency is the person’s permanent home, which requires a physical presence coupled with an intent to remain and make that location/state one’s permanent home. An individual only has one residence at a time, and retains the former residence until all items are met in the new residence (license, voting, home, living expenses, etc.). At the time of first enrollment, residency is determined by the census date and anyone not meeting residency requirements will be classified as a nonresident. An individual’s classification remains as determined at first enrollment, as long as the cadet is a continuing cadet, unless the Registrar’s Office has knowledge of a circumstance calling for a reclassification.

An individual is considered a resident if the cadet has lived in New Mexico for over one year (NM physical location). An individual may become a resident of New Mexico through certain steps, but must complete those steps with one year residency before the cadet’s status changes to resident. NM HED site has the NM State Law on residency information, petitions and exceptions to the law.

Persons under 18 are considered minors under NM law and the residence is presumed to be the same as their parents’.  Cadet must be at least 19 years old to establish residency apart from their parents. Only individuals who are financially independent may establish residency, and if the cadet is under the age of 23, a copy of the parents’ 1040 or 1040A US income tax form will be required to show dependency status in the previous tax year.

Requirements to establish NM residency are:

  • Twelve consecutive months residence in New Mexico.
  • Financial independence to establish residency (see above).
  • Written declaration of intent to relinquish residency in any other state to the Registrar’s Office.
  • At least two of the following Overt Acts:
    1. If employed, employment within New Mexico;
    2. Payment of NM income taxes;
    3. NM drivers’ license;
    4. NM vehicle registration;
    5. NM voter registration;
    6. NM high school transcript confirming attendance/graduation;
    7. Proof of current residential property ownership in New Mexico;
    8. Current utility bills showing applicant name and a New Mexico address;
    9. No act inconsistent with being a NM resident, e.g., voting in another state.
Waivers of non-resident tuition/12-month duration (Proof required):
  • Parent has moved to NM for and has permanent full-time employment;
  • Active duty service members’ dependents while stationed at a military base inside of New Mexico;
  • Active duty service members’ dependents who were residents of New Mexico prior to entering service may retain NM residency;
  • Active participating members of the NM National Guard and their dependents;
  • Dependents of individuals who move to NM for retirement;
  • College athletes receiving state-funded athletic scholarships;
  • Funded service academy preps;
  • Residents of state of Sonora, Coahuila or Sinaloa, Mexico;
  • Eligible participants of the Veterans Affairs (VA) Chapter 30, 33 and 35 educational benefit programs, per NM House Bill 427;
  • Waivers granted by the Board of Regents.

From the NM HED Residency brochure (

“An individual must establish legal residency in New Mexico before he or she is entitled to pay in-state tuition rates.  The requirements to establish residency for tuition purposes are independent from those of other types of residency such as voting or holding public office.”

“New Mexico institutions of higher education are supported by the General fund of the State of New Mexico. Since non-resident cadets (and their families) generally have not contributed to the support of public education in New Mexico, they are required to pay additional tuition which more closely represents the actual cost of their education.”

VA Benefits

NMMI enrolls a number of cadets who drill with National Guard and reserve units (six-year or longer contracts) making them eligible for Chapter 1606 VA benefits. NMMI also grants credit for basic and advanced training, and for certain MOS training applicable to NMMI coursework. Chapter 30, 33, 35 and 1607 benefits are also available.  In all cases, cadet will submit a request for benefits application directly to the VA ( website) and NMMI will submit the educational information directly to the VA for the benefit. Except for Chapter 33 benefits, monies are deposited directly to the cadet according to the cadet’s VA application and the cadet (and/or parent) is responsible for all fees/expenses to NMMI.  Chapter 33 pays tuition and fees directly to NMMI and the remainder (books and living expenses) go to the cadet.  NMMI asks for (as applicable), the application to VA, DD 214’s, contract, NOBE and the Certificate of Eligibility before submitting the educational portion of the record. If a cadet has attended another school prior to NMMI, they have the first semester to get a copy of their official record from the previous institution. If the cadet does not submit the previous education records after one semester, we will not submit future VA certifications for the cadet.

Chapter 33 Overpayments and Debts: As of early 2021, the VA does not collect any tuition and fee debts directly from the student. Instead, the VA requires that the school pay back these overpayments. NMMI will then be forced to collect any outstanding balance for tuition and fees from the student.

VA Standards of Progress

Veterans Academic Probation:  All NMMI Students are placed on academic probation at the end of the fall or spring semester when their term grade point average falls below 2.0. Students placed on academic probation should meet with their academic advisor prior to the next term.  This academic probation status will appear on transcripts. Names of students placed on academic probation are sent to the academic advisors.  An academic probation letter is electronically mailed to all students on academic probation informing them of their status and to see their academic advisor. NMMI also will report this academic probation status to the VA.

Veterans Academic Suspension: All NMMI Students are placed on academic suspension at the end of the fall or spring semester when their term grade point average falls below 1.5, or if they were already on academic probation entering the term and their term grade point average falls below a 2.0.  An academic suspension letter is electronically mailed to all students on academic suspension informing them of their status.  Names of students placed on academic suspension are sent to the academic advisors.  Students placed on academic suspension are allowed to appeal this status to the Academic Dean. If they are allowed to return, they will return on academic probation and must meet with the Academic Dean and their academic advisor upon returning. Students on academic suspension are not allowed to return to NMMI for one academic term. A student wishing to return after sitting out one term must re-apply for admission to NMMI.

Removal of Academic Probation: Academic probation is removed when a student’s term grade point average is raised to 2.0 or higher for the subsequent fall or spring term.

Termination of VA Educational Benefits: If a student is academically suspended, NMMI is required to terminate the student’s VA certification with an “Unsatisfactory Progress” status.  Per the VA, schools that allow students to return on academic probation may not indefinitely certify students who remain on academic probation indefinitely. Thus, NMMI will terminate certification if a student remains on academic probation status for two consecutive terms.

Attendance Policy: See NMMI’s attendance policy

Grading System: See NMMI’s grading system

VA Pending Payment Compliance

In accordance with Title 38 US Code 3679(e), this educational institution adopts the following additional provisions for any students using U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Post-9/11 G.I. Bill® (Ch. 33) or Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (Ch. 31) benefits, while payment to the institution is pending from VA.  This educational institution will not:
•    Prevent the student’s enrollment;
•    Assess a late penalty fee to the student;
•    Require the student to secure alternative or additional funding;
•    Deny the student access to any resources (access to classes, libraries, or other institutional facilities) available to other students who have satisfied their tuition and fee bills to the institution.  However, to qualify for this provision, such students may be required to:
•    Produce the VA Certificate of Eligibility (COE) by the first day of class;
•    Provide a written request to be certified;
•    Provide additional information needed to properly certify the enrollment as described in other institutional policies

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at


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