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    May 29, 2024  
2009-2010 Academic Catalog 
2009-2010 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Admissions Requirements

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Students are accepted only at the beginning of the fall and spring term with no transfer-in during the semester. All applicants must be:

  • Under 22 years of age
  • Never have been married
  • Have no dependent children
  • In good physical condition
  • Able to participate in athletic and leadership development activities
  • Free of major disciplinary and / or drug or alcohol abuse problems.

In addition to meeting reasonable standards of good health, applicants to the NMMI high school and junior college must demonstrate a pattern of good conduct, a willingness to accept responsibilities for their actions and a respect for others. Applicants must also meet academic, physical and English language competency standards as part of their admission, which may exclude cadets with specific disabilities. They must have exhibited the capacity to adjust to and work effectively in a closely supervised, highly disciplined and occasionally stressful environment as well as the ability to live independently in a dormitory setting.

All cadets are required to participate in certain physical activities (e.g., marching with a rifle in formation, running the obstacle course, intramural athletics), all considered essential to the traditions of a military school and to the development of individual leadership skills and a sense of camaraderie as a member of the Corps of Cadets.

  1. Physical standards considered disqualifying for admission:
    • Active epilepsy,
    • Diabetes requiring special diet and insulin therapy,
    • Blindness,
    • Deafness,
    • Chronic renal disease,
    • Chronic cardiac disease,
    • Severe symptomatic asthma,
    • Any severe neuromuscular or orthopedic disease or any other substantial physical limiting condition, which, in the opinion of the medical staff, would interfere with the cadet’s performance and physical activity in accordance with New Mexico Military Institute’s requirements,
    • A medical or behavioral condition that could preclude their participation in required physical and academic programs will be reviewed by the medical staff to determine eligibility,
    • Inability to participate fully in required physical activities.
  2. Behavioral/health standards considered disqualifying for admission:
    • Any felony criminal conviction,
    • Any other conviction where the cadet is still on probation, or under the jurisdiction of the courts adjudication phase. This includes charges that have not been fully resolved because of pending court dates, directed educational programs or community service or mandatory counseling requirements,
    • Any permanent dismissal from any school,
    • Been suspended three or more times from schools attended within the last three years,
    • Any attempted suicide,
    • Manic-depressive disorder, evidence of emotional disturbance, bipolar disorder, regularly scheduled psychological counseling or any other severe psychological disorders or limiting condition which in the opinion of the medical staff would interfere with the cadet’s ability to function satisfactorily at the New Mexico Military Institute.
    • Demonstrated inability to meet the existing NMMI academic requirements without significant accommodations that would alter the academic mission of the Institute,
    • A drug addiction,
    • An alcohol addiction,
    • Inability to participate in the existing college preparatory or university parallel required academic programs.

Acceptance decisions are made without regard to disabilities and in accordance with state and federal law, and are nondiscriminatory.

Admission Procedures


Cadets must be physically and mentally sound and meet the academic requirements for admission in order to participate fully in the Institute’s programs. (Chronic or acute disabilities existing before or after matriculation are causes for dismissal.)

The application for admission can be completed on-line from the NMMI Home Page without an application fee or by completing and submitting a paper application to the Admissions Office with a check or money order for $85.00 (payable to NMMI) Of the $85.00 fee, $10.00 of this amount is an application processing fee and is not refundable. The remaining $75.00 is a deposit and is subject to the conditions set forth on the application. Under some circumstances, the Vice President of Enrollment may waive the fee.

The family physician must fill out the NMMI physical form in its entirety and return it to the Admissions Office. If a DoDMERB has been completed on the applicant within one year of the date of application, it may be substituted.

A former NMMI cadet reapplies for readmission by submitting a readmission form and a formal application signed by the parent or guardian (or by the cadet if 18 years of age or older). If readmitted the cadet will be classified based upon the academic and disciplinary status that had been established upon departure. I

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Junior College Admission

New cadets are admitted only at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters at New Mexico Military Institute.

The New Mexico Military Institute admits college freshmen from regionally accredited high schools (or foreign equivalents) to its Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree under one of three sets of criteria:

  1. Minimum of a 2.0 average or better on a 4.00 scale for all high school core courses (humanities, mathematics, sciences, computer science and social sciences) with a satisfactory ACT/SATR score or
  2. Minimum of a 2.5 average on a 4.0 scale and graduating in the top 50% of their class or
  3. Meet/go before the NMMI Admissions Committee for review.

NOTE: NMMI reserves the right to admit those candidates it determines to be best qualified for entrance.

In some cases, a candidate with an acceptable (NM - 45) score on the General Education Development (GED) examination may be accepted.

Those cadets seeking a commission should also refer to the section for admissions requirements into the Contract Senior ROTC Program leading to the US Army Reserve Commission.

Foreign cadets whose primary language is not English must have a score of 500 (paper based test) or 173 (computer) or better in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), and may substitute these tests for the ACT.


High School Admission

New cadets are admitted only at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters.

Third Class (senior) - Must have a 2.25 cumulative grade point average for high school work, meet minimums on NMMI entrance exam and be interviewed.

Fourth Class (junior) - Must have a 2.25 cumulative grade point average for high school work, meet minimums on NMMI entrance exam and be interviewed.

Fifth Class (sophomore) - Must have a 2.50 cumulative grade point average for ninth grade work, meet minimums on NMMI entrance exam and be interviewed.

Sixth Class (freshman) - Must have a 2.50 cumulative grade point average for seventh grade and eighth grade work, meet minimums on NMMI entrance exam and be interviewed.

Foreign cadets whose primary language is not English must have a score of 55 or better on the written Secondary Level English Proficiency (SLEP) exam. In addition a minimum score of 27 on Section 1 (listening) and a score of 26 on Section 2 (reading) are expected. The SLEP exam may be substituted for the NMMI entrance exam.

Accepted applicants are placed in classes at New Mexico Military Institute in accordance with the number of credits earned at the time of initial enrollment. Progress through the curricular requirements is performance rather than time based. Curricular requirements will not be waived.

Based on the counsel of the academic advisor and on demonstrated academic ability, a high school junior or senior may be permitted to take college courses concurrently with high school courses, either for high school and/or college credit (co-enrolled for high school and college credit) with permission of the high school Principal or Academic Dean.

Graduation: A third class new cadet must earn a minimum of four units credit at NMMI and spend two semesters in residence. (Note: Successful completion of NMMI English courses 4A & 4B and a minimum of one year of NMMI mathematics at the Algebra 2 level or above are required for high school graduation.) A maximum of one unit credit earned after leaving the Institute in good standing may be submitted to fulfill graduation requirements. The appropriate academic division head and the Academic Dean must approve post-NMMI courses to meet graduation requirements.

Foreign Student Immigration Requirements: Section 641 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) of 1996 led to the creation of an inter-agency initiative known as the student Exchange and Visitors Program (SEVP). SEVP is designed to improve processes for foreign students and exchange visitors holding F, J and M visas and schools, colleges and other organizations sponsoring programs for these visa holders.

The management of the New Mexico Military Institute is charged with the responsibility of providing the Board of Regent’s reasonable assurance of compliance with all relevant laws and regulations related to foreign students.

Upon acceptance to NMMI, a foreign student will be issued an I-20 form that they must present to a Consulate office in their country for review. The reviewing consulate will issue a student visa if they approve the students’ request.

All foreign students must have a student visa (F-1 status) or other approved student status documents prior to arrival at NMMI.  NMMI will review all immigration documents upon the students arrival and will also monitor the student’s status throughout the school year as deemed necessary by Admissions.

Students must have in their personal possession all documents, e.g. passport, I-20, visa, I-94 etc. during their attendance at NMMI.  Failure to comply with immigration requirements may result in suspension from NMMI.

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Financial Assistance


The New Mexico Military Institute provides an extensive program of cadet financial assistance. The program has two distinctive areas. One area involves the various federal student aid programs and requires proven financial need. These programs are limited to college cadets. The second area of assistance involves institutional scholarships available to both high school and college cadets. Cadet or prospective cadets with a genuine financial need may secure information by contacting the Director of Financial Aid, New Mexico Military Institute.

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